Photo Page Nineteen


Purpose of This "Detail" Page:

The LSCGG has received, from time to time, collections of old photos from both members and non-members. This page displays one of the many photos in those collections that remains unidentified. Attempts have been made to add name(s) to faces in this photo; this page will be used to share with the internet public the extent of the detailed knowledge about this image.

The LSCGG asks that any individual who can show proof of family connection to the following, please contact the LSCGG.


Is ths person part of your past familly?

Amber Irene Coss at 7 months of age


Postal mail received at LSCGG on 23 FEB 2015 stated:

February 19, 2015

LaSalle County Genealogy Guild
115 West Glover
Ottawa, Illinois 61350

I am enclosing an old photograph of Amber Irene COSS which was taken Churchill Studio in Peru, IL. I've attempted to locate a family member so that the photograph could be returned to their care, but was not successful. I am passing the photograph along in hopes that you might be able to make a connection with the family in addition to sharing the photograph with others in your community.

I do this as a hobby and appreciate reimbursement of my expenses if possible, so that I can continue my efforts to recover and reunite family treasures with families. In this case my total expenses for the photograph would be $8.00; this includes the price I paid for the photograph, a padded mailing envelope, and postage.

Ifyou are not able to reimburse me, please accept the photograph as a donation. I hope that you will be successful in reuniting the photograph with the family and will be able to share the photograph with others as well.

Thank you,

Shelley Cardiel