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Purpose of This "Detail" Page:

The LSCGG has received, from time to time, collections of old photos from both members and non-members. This page displays one of the many photos in those collections that remains unidentified. Attempts have been made to add name(s) to faces in this photo; this page will be used to share with the internet public the extent of the detailed knowledge about this image.

The LSCGG asks that any individual who can put a name(s) to any of the other individuals in this photo, please email the LSCGG any convincing evidence that the identification arrived at is correct.


Can you identify the person(s)?

Sanders Brothers Lunchroom Photo


The photo above is part of a collection belonging to Mrs. Diane Sanders. It was taken by an unknown photographer who recorded the lunchroom of the business known as Sanders Brothers, Ottawa, Illinois.

Many of the individuals are currently unknown as is the exact date of the photo. However, Mrs. Sanders has provided identification for some of the individuals in the photo:

Sanders Brothers Lunch Room

Back Table
Eddie Mattes – 2nd from left, turning to face the camera

3rd Table
Henry Streul - bib overalls, near back, facing.
Bruno Lenac – side view, right middle
Jake Halterman – center facing ( glasses)

2nd Table
Herman Thumm - brim hat, facing on right, with glasses,face half hidden
Eddie Martin- suspenders, back to camera on left
Jim Rising – center, facing

1st Table – Charles A Sanders – facing camera, with suit

Cook Mrs. Hitter

Identification Update: email from Robert F. Streul on 15 Feb 2010 "...Charles E. Streul to the left of Henry Streul.  Charles facing camera wearing glasses." [Robert F. Streul is a grandson of the late Charles E. Streul.]