Photo Page Thirteen


Purpose of This "Detail" Page:

The LSCGG has received, from time to time, collections of old photos from both members and non-members. This page displays one of the many photos in those collections that remains unidentified. Attempts have been made to add name(s) to faces in this photo; this page will be used to share with the internet public the extent of the detailed knowledge about this image.

The LSCGG asks that any individual who can put a name(s) to any of the other individuals in this photo, please email the LSCGG any convincing evidence that the identification arrived at is correct.


Can you identify the person(s)?

Sanders Brothers Lunchroom Photo


Email Communication of 17 APR 2011:

I found your page for mystery photos.  My great grandmother was raised and married in La Salle County.  I think in the Utica and Ottawa area.  She had siblings that lived in Washtenaw county, MI.  They have pictures that were sent or given to them from La Salle  county.  But since we are younger and don't know who the pictures are of, and no names written on them, and we don't live in IL, could we post any of them on this site.   We are guessing that they were probably taken during the 1860 - 1900 period.  But guessing who they might be really doesn't tell us who they are. 
Since they are our ancestors, and there is no one left to identify them, we are hoping someone who sees your site might be able to help us.  I will send you one that was taken in Ottawa. 
Hoping someone can tell me who this couple is,
Darlene Lutz Foged