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If the results of this search finds a Death Certificate you are interested in viewing, please visit the LSCGG research library at 115 W. Glover St., Ottawa, IL to view and/or copy the Death Certificate.

If you are unable to visit the LaSalle County Genealogy Guild in person, you may request a copy of the death certificate be sent to you via email or regular mail.

2015 ALERT: the LSCGG currently has a policy of fulfilling research requests by the emailing, as attachments, of PDF scans of all types of requests for documents; if a researcher prefers that his/her request be fulfilled by the postal mailing of paper copies, please INCLUDE in your request this preference for paper. Processing fees for PDF attachments are the same as for paper copies. View pros and cons of digital versus paper copies.


FEE ORDER - Member Fee / Non-member Fee
Death Certificates
$1.90 / $2.50
Document lists name of deceased, date and (often) cause of death
$3.75 / $5.00
Document lists name of deceased, date and (often) cause of death plus one or more names of a relative

(Note: A file copy might contain 1 or more pages)

To request a copy of a file by mail,  first send an email to the LaSalle County Genealogy Guild. Include, if provided by the database, the CERTIFICATE NUMBER, NAME OF DECEASED, DATE, BOOK and PAGE of the death certificate of which you wish to have  a copy. Be sure to include your Name, Address,  phone number and email address.

Then, to expedite your order, send either cash, a check or a money order to:
The LaSalle County Genealogy Guild
115 W. Glover St., Ottawa, IL 61350