Genealogy and the Modern Internet

Do you have questions about your family's history? Learn how to use computer technology efficiently to research and manage information that you can collect. This class is a four week course with one session per week. It is held at the office of the LSCGG from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on September 17 thru October 8, 2014. Registration is required through the office of the Illinois Valley Community College. More information should be available via phone [ 815.224.0427 ] or online at

This class is divided into four major sessions:

  • Session One: setting up and primary steps in using a personal database
  • Session Two: basic steps to efficiently use online resources, whether paid or free
  • Session Three: creating and using citations to enhance the value of your research discoveries
  • Session Four: understanding and using report formats that can be created and shared with other family members

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Students will be provided with access to public WI-FI at the LSCGG office. Each student will be given a booklet of handouts for the course. The booklet will include a CD with a series of files meant to enhance the student's understanding of what is taught at each session. Students will also be encouraged to return to this website for assisting them in understanding what is taught in the four sessions.

This course will be taught by various members of the LSCGG who have shared a common interest and passion in their own various family histories.

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