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Register Zum Reformierten Kirchenbuch Steinsfurt - von 1650 bis 1821 - alphabetisch Added OCT 2011 CONTRIBUTOR



Records Provenance

Steinsfurt Register of Church Records

In 2005, my husband and I traveled to Germany, researching my Gruber family heritage.   A cousin of mine had known the family came from Steinsfurt, so we headed there.   It was late afternoon as we approached the village on the train.  We knew it was a small town, and were concerned about finding lodging for the night.  There were only a few passengers on the train, and across the aisle we overheard a young woman on her cell phone mention ‘Steinsfurt’.  So, I went over and spoke with her.  She said she knew only a little English, but her boyfriend was meeting her at the train, and he was studying English, so we could ask him about a place to stay. 

When we met him, we were impressed at how friendly, and eager he was to help.  He was pleased to meet us, too, as it gave him the chance to practice speaking English.  He took us to a small hotel, where we stayed the night.  The next morning, he took us to meet the Administrator of the town of Steinsfurt. This town is quite small, and is what we would call a ‘suburb’ of the larger town of Sinsheim.   Our new  German friend helped explain who we were, and what information we were searching for.

The Administrator told us the town had celebrated its 900th anniversary a few years before.  As part of that celebration, several villagers had worked to transcribe old church records.  He then brought out a spiral-bound book, listing alphabetically by last name, the births, deaths, and marriages of members of the Reformed, Evangelical and Lutheran churches of the town.   This information will undoubtedly be of invaluable use as a ‘primary source’ for anyone researching ancestors who lived in Steinsfurt during these years.

This is the information contained in the book:
Evangelical births, marriages and deaths from 1822 to 1870: 
Lutheran births, marriages and deaths from 1696 to 1821.
Reformed church births, marriages and deaths from 1650 to 1821.

Sandy Barrett
October, 2011

[And from the same email contact of 14 Oct. 2011, "I have added my name and contact information with hopes that someone else with ancestors from Steinsfurt might like to exchange additional information."]


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